HTC One X9 shows its stuff in beautiful set of new pics

HTC’s One X9 has been on our radar for just a little over a month now, and we’ve already had ample opportunity to get a look at the handset. Right from the start, we had a nice, clean render to look at, and that’s been followed up by additional renders, official pics from a government certification agency, and someclose-up shots of what appeared to be real hardware. Today we’ve got something special for you, though, as a gallery of new pics reveal the hardware, up close and personal.

Sure, recent revelations that have painted the One X9 more as a mid-ranger than the powerhouse it was initially depicted as have cooled our enthusiasm for the handset a bit, but we’re still quite interested in how HTC’s approaching this phone, especially from a design standpoint.


“>x9-leak-2It’s impossible to ignore that almost Nexus 6P-like camera around back, as well as those HTC stereo Boomsound speakers. Really, though, this is mostly stuff we seen before – testament to just how thoroughly this phone has manage to already leak. Maybe the one new component present is that these shots give us a peek under the One X9’s port covers, but no surprises lurk within.

Still, we’re not about to complain about some beautiful, new, well-shot pics of a still-waiting-to-be-launched smartphone, so take a gander at what we’ve got here and enjoy.



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