Samsung possibly teasing the Gear 360 VR camera on Twitter

The leaks and rumors have been flying around aplenty in recent days, and with less than a week to go to Samsung’s Unpacked event, the company has started officially teasing what is to come. We exclusively reported that Samsung is working on the Gear 360 virtual reality camera, which is expected to accompany the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge on February 21. The Unpacked event invite backed our report up as well, and it looks like Samsung’s Twitter account could just have teased the Gear 360.

“Change the way you capture every angle on 2.21.16″ is what one tweet says on the official Samsung Mobile Twitter mobile handle, with a video of someone capturing a boy and girl giving each other a “smoochie-oochie”. It’s not exactly the kind of thing you would want to capture on virtual reality (compared to landscapes or some such, at least in the background), but we can’t help but think the tweet is referring to the Gear 360 in some way.

Of course, we would also be reaching a bit far with all this, especially since the #TheNextGalaxy tag in the tweet means it could simply be a hint towards the Galaxy S7 and its new 12-megapixel BRITECELL camera. Either way, we can expect the teases to continue as the anticipated day gets closer and hopefully give us some hints that the internet hasn’t already put out there.


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