Despite the leaks, I’m still very excited about the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge


No matter how hard companies try, leaks always manage to put the kibosh on any form of secrecy they might want to maintain around their upcoming devices. Some manufacturers find their flagships leak more than others before launch, and Samsung has always been among the top when it comes to keeping a lid on what information goes out through the rumor mill. It’s something the company has failed miserably at this time, and we pretty much know everything about the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge.

Many point out that these leaks simply ruin the surprise that the official announcement event can offer, and it’s certainly true that tomorrow’s Unpacked event will merely be repeating what is already known for the most part. Despite all that, I’m still extremely excited about the event, and there’s a simple reason.

I just want to see Samsung officially confirm everything the S7 and S7 edge are expected to offer.

While there were issues, the 2015 lineup of Samsung devices was near-perfect, especially the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge+ (read our reviews here and here). The only thing that really disappointed me was the small batteries the company had used. Both the Note 5 and S6 edge+ had great battery life despite the not-so-large batteries, but it was clear Samsung could have made things better by either maintaining the larger batteries from last year or putting in even bigger ones (instead of focusing everything on thin and sleek designs).


The Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge, with their rumored 3,000 mAh and 3,6000 mAh batteries, are sure to be awesome at battery endurance, something that has been cited in a couple of leaks. Wireless charging is set to be on-board as well in addition to regular fast charging. Of course, there’s also the fact that the microSD slot is coming back, and both the S7 and S7 edge are expected to be water-resistant as well.

So what happens when you add big batteries, expandable storage, water-resistance, and maybe something like a pressure-sensitive display to devices that were already close to perfection? Well, perfection is what you get, and the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge could be the epitome of what a complete smartphone can be. After the Galaxy Note 5, that’s saying a lot, and it will be great to see Samsung announcing each of the rumored features one by one when the Unpacked event kicks off.


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