DisplayMate crowns the Galaxy S7 display to be the best in the business


Just a few days after the Galaxy Note 5 was released last year, DisplayMate was quick to mention that it featured the best mobile display that was tested on a smartphone. Samsung’s next major flagship release came about six months later (or two days ago) in the form of the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 edge. Well, this year’s Samsung flagship has yet again won DisplayMate’s praise, claiming that the display on the Galaxy S7 “matches and even exceeds the performance of the Galaxy Note5.”

While the display was pretty much the same in most areas, the Galaxy S7 display outshone the previous best in terms of outdoor visibility, with a contrast set for heavy ambient light. The screen returned a brightness of 855 nits, which in DisplayMate’s words is “the highest that we have ever measured for a smartphone.”

The display experts also had a lot of praise for the smartphone’s auto-brightness abilities, mentioning that the Galaxy S7 is “the first to do Automatic Brightness correctly.”

The curved display sibling also received some praise, with DisplayMate claiming it to be pretty much the same as the Galaxy S7. Understandably, the performance cannot be on par given that it has to account for the curved edges and the larger display, which in turn means the display has more pixels to crunch.

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