Lg G5 VS Iphone 7 Camera & Design


Well, folks, with “only” 6 months left until the expected iPhone 7 announcement, it’s only natural that rumors will start popping up all around the web, pointing out various features that Apple’s next heavy hitter may have.

So far, we’ve heard that the next iPhones may lack a stereo headphone jack — since Apple will, reportedly, look to make the device thinner, it is said it will remove the classic jack and only allow for headphones to be connected through its proprietary Lightning port. We’ve also gotten quite a bit of leaks and analyst speculation about a possible “dual sensor” camera.

Well, an alleged photo of what is supposed to be the iPhone 7 Plus’ back panel shows us that the two camera sensors may just be a reality. Another new feature we can see on the photo is a modification to the antenna strips (we’ve seen this new setup in other photos, too), and there seems to be a triple dot Smart Connector near the lower part of the ha

iPhone-7-Plus-rumor-based-renders (1) iPhone-7-Plus-rumor-based-renders

There is no word on whether the dual camera is going to be exclusive to the iPhone 7 Plus or if it’s going to make its way to the regular iPhone 7, and we’ve no idea what an iPhone may be using a Smart Connector for. In case you don’t remember – the Smart Connector was introduced with the iPad Pro and is used to connect it to the Smart Keyboard. It’s another Apple-proprietary connection standard, which allows for both data an power to be transferred between two devices. iPad Air 3 leaks have revealed that the new slate will have the trio of dots on its side as well.

Unfortunately, the leaked photo does not allow us to see if there is a headphone jack at on the bottom of the phone or not. But, if it’s omitted, could the Smart Connector actually be there for a new type of headphones? And what will Apple put in place of the missing 3.5 mm jack? Some reports suggest a second speaker.

Case maker Feld & Vold quickly bade a couple of renders of what the iPhone 7 may look like based on this photo leak. You can check them out below, but keep in mind that what you see is in no way final – just an educated guess based on rumors.



                                                                                           LG G5


LG G5: all new features

The LG G5 is out and it’s a very radical new take on what a smartphone should be: with a removable bottom part that allows users to add various modules, accessories and to easily swap batteries, the G5 is definitely an innovative device.


The LG G5 is also different in terms of looks: with a sleek metal body, it looks premium, exquisite. It’s also got a novel new dual-camera system on the back, with the secondary camera being a wider-angle one that allows you to get more of the scene into your picture.

And while you already know all about the specs, size and various aspects of the LG G5, here is a quick look at its most important feature in an easy to digest slideshow.

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