10 million LG G5 units shipped this year

Now that the LG G5 has been unveiled, some analysts feel that the phone could help LG put up some impressive numbers this year. Some of those who track smartphone shipments for a living feel that LG will ship a company record 10 million units of the phone. Jefferson Wang, a mobile and wireless analyst with IBB Consulting Group, sees ... Read More »

Samsung’s Gear 360 is a consumer-level 360-degree video camera

Fully immersive video experiences are really only just getting started, and the newborn market is still trying to establish its identity. One of the best ways to get a media market to grow is to have tons of content creators making new and more competitive content on it. However, one problem the 360-degree video market has been struggling with is ... Read More »

LG G5: check out all the official images and color variants

The LG G5 is oh-so-exciting and already officia, by the way. Yes, the LG G5 is here, and what a phone it is! Undoubtedly, the most curios part of the phone is its expansion slot mechanism, which enables users to insert different modules inside the device, expanding its functionalities. This is not the only highlight of the phone, though – ... Read More »