Lg G5 VS Iphone 7 Camera & Design

Share0Share0Share0Share0Share0Share0 Well, folks, with “only” 6 months left until the expected iPhone 7 announcement, it’s only natural that rumors will start popping up all around the web, pointing out various features that Apple’s next heavy hitter may have. So far, we’ve heard that the next iPhones may lack a stereo headphone jack — since Apple will, reportedly, look to make ... Read More »

10 million LG G5 units shipped this year

Share0Share0Share0Share0Share0Share0 Now that the LG G5 has been unveiled, some analysts feel that the phone could help LG put up some impressive numbers this year. Some of those who track smartphone shipments for a living feel that LG will ship a company record 10 million units of the phone. Jefferson Wang, a mobile and wireless analyst with IBB Consulting Group, ... Read More »

LG G5 shakes hands with Snapdragon 820 to shatter AnTuTu records: benchmark test scores

Share0Share0Share0Share0Share0Share0 The new LG G5 is not only a phone with an innovative and radical new modular design, it is also an extremely powerful phone running on Qualcomm’s top-end Snapdragon 820 chip. The Snapdragon 820 is Qualcomm’s top chip for early 2016: a quad-core SoC with the first Qualcomm-made 64-bit Kryo CPU running at up to 2.1GHz and in conjuction ... Read More »

LG G5: check out all the official images and color variants

Share0Share0Share0Share0Share0Share0 The LG G5 is oh-so-exciting and already officia, by the way. Yes, the LG G5 is here, and what a phone it is! Undoubtedly, the most curios part of the phone is its expansion slot mechanism, which enables users to insert different modules inside the device, expanding its functionalities. This is not the only highlight of the phone, though ... Read More »

LG G5: all new features

Share0Share0Share0Share0Share0Share0                   The LG G5 is out and it’s a very radical new take on what a smartphone should be: with a removable bottom part that allows users to add various modules, accessories and to easily swap batteries, the G5 is definitely an innovative device. TRULY INNOVATIVE The LG G5 is also ... Read More »

Leaked LG G5 Geekbench result hints at high-end performance

Share0Share0Share0Share0Share0Share0 An alleged LG G5 prototype has made its way in the Geekbench database ahead of the February 21st unveiling. The listing delivers no surprises in terms of internal hardware, but it does remind us to expect high-end performance. This new Geekbench result is actually for an LG smartphone going by model number F700, a natural progression for the G5 following ... Read More »

LG V10 vs Apple iPhone 6s Plus: video stabilization quality comparison

Share0Share0Share0Share0Share0Share0 The LG V10 and Apple’s iPhone 6s Plus have two of the best cameras of any smartphone: both can capture video in super sharp 4K resolution and both support optical image stabilization plus some software tricks to get rid of shakiness in videos. ONE OF THE TWO PHONES IS CLEARLY STABILIZING VIDEO MUCH BETTER The LG V10 in particular ... Read More »

Marshmallow rolling out to the LG G4 on AT&T

Share0Share0Share0Share0Share0Share0 Are you the owner of an LG G4 on AT&T? If so, you’ll be happy to hear that Android 6.0 Marshmallow is now rolling out to your device. LG has been pretty good about rolling out Marshmallow to the G4 in a timely fashion. G4 owners on US Cellular, Sprint and T-Mobile, as well as users in Canada, Korea ... Read More »