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Lg G5 VS Iphone 7 Camera & Design

Share0Share0Share0Share0Share0Share0 Well, folks, with “only” 6 months left until the expected iPhone 7 announcement, it’s only natural that rumors will start popping up all around the web, pointing out various features that Apple’s next heavy hitter may have. So far, we’ve heard that the next iPhones may lack a stereo headphone jack — since Apple will, reportedly, look to make ... Read More »

Facebook Messenger may soon get a big taste of Material Design on Android

Share0Share0Share0Share0Share0Share0 Ever since Google unveiled Material Design at I/O 2014, we’ve seen thousands of developers, big and small, bring the new design guidelines to their apps and games. One group of developers that have been doing a great job at not adhering to the Material Design guidelines are none other than the folks at Facebook, who have neglected to bring any sort of cohesive design language to ... Read More »

LG G5 said to feature first of its kind modular design

Share0Share0Share0Share0Share0Share0  Update: Hoping to learn more about the LG G5, we reached out to a source familiar with LG’s plans for the G5. Our source didn’t directly address whether or not the rumor of a modular design is accurate, though the source did state that LG’s “next phone is going to have a lot of competitors slapping their foreheads wondering why they hadn’t ... Read More »

Galaxy S7 concept video depicts the latest design leaks

Share0Share0Share0Share1Share0Share0 The Galaxy S7 production process should already be ramping up, if Samsung wants to announce it on February 21st indeed, as that’s the date rumored for its Unpacked event to precede the big MWC expo next month. Judging from the leaks about it, which are also ramping up, the phone may indeed be ready for prime time, and just ... Read More »