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OnePlus 2 gets a permanent price reduction

Admittedly, OnePlus has made a few mistakes on the steep learning curve it finds itself on, but the young company has recently had a string of wins: free shipping on orders over $100, aninvite-free OnePlus X faster than any other OnePlus device, and now a permanent price reduction on the OnePlus 2. That’s right, OnePlus has announced that it has ... Read More »

OnePlus 2 finally lands in India for Rs. 22,999

Indian customers had to settle for the 64GB model of the OnePlus 2 when the handset launched in India last year, leaving some out of luck if they didn’t need that much space or wanted to save a little money. After missing its promise later last year, the 16GB OnePlus 2 has finally made its way to India for Rs. ... Read More »

The OnePlus X is now permanently invite-free

When OnePlus made its entry into the market with the Onesmartphone back in 2014, we were part of the cheering crowd. And how could we not? For $299, we were promised an up-to-date flagship with a pretty impressive hardware to dollar ratio. There was one catch, however: you could only get one if you won an invite, and that required ... Read More »

OnePlus promises sub-60 minute smartphone delivery in London

  If you really dislike delivery times, happen to want a new smartphone in the next couple of days, and live in London UK, then OnePlus is running another marketing stunt that just might appeal to you. The Chinese smartphone company has teamed up with local delivery serviceHenchman to bring your new smartphone directly to your door in less than ... Read More »

How to root the OnePlus 2

  Have you been playing around with your OnePlus 2 and feel like it’s time to take that next step? Rooting is the ultimate way to unlock your Android phone’s full capabilities. The only issue is that it comes with its risks and the internet happens to be a wild place, but OnePlus is stepping forward with a very bold ... Read More »

OnePlus One to get the Marshmallow update soon?

The OnePlus One smartphone might be getting an update to Android 6.0 Marshmallow soon according to a new teaser posted by the company. Although the teaser doesn’t specifically mention an update and uses vague and unclear phrases, we can partially decipher that this is a new update for the OnePlus One, especially since the handset is shown in the teaser. ... Read More »

OnePlus X Champagne Edition arrives in India for Rs. 16,999

    Following its launch in China and the announcement of weekly open sales every Tuesday in some countries, the OnePlus X Champagne Edition has now gone on sale in India. The retail price is set at Rs. 16,999, which is the same price as the regular Onyx variant, and the phone is now available to purchase through Amazon India. ... Read More »