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Verizon prepaid plans get massive data limit increase for no extra money

Share0Share0Share0Share0Share0Share0 Perhaps to compete with T-Mobile’s Binge On and AT&T’s revival of the unlimited data plan, Verizon has just granted its prepaid customers a massive data cap boost. New prepaid customers can now enjoy almost double the data limits previously offered for no extra money, with a nice additional data bonus thrown on top for good measure.   Anyone signing ... Read More »

Report: Google plans to take an ‘Apple-like’ approach to the Nexus line

Share0Share0Share0Share0Share0Share0 Google’s Nexus line has been constantly changing ever since its inception. Are Nexus devices aimed at the high-end market, budget-friendly crowd, or somewhere in between? That’s sort of the beauty of it all, really, as each Nexus phone is different in its own way. This is thanks in part to OEM partnerships. Google has reached out to Samsung, Motorola, ... Read More »

Facebook has contingency plans in case it is axed from the Google Play Store

Share0Share0Share0Share0Share0Share0 The next time Facebook crashes on your Android device, don’t curse out the platform or even your mobile device. Facebook might be responsible for inducing the glitch on purpose just to gauge your reaction to the crash. Not that Facebook executives are paranoid, but they do want to know if you would leave Facebook if for some reason you ... Read More »